7 Chakra Tree of Life Stone Necklace


This Tree of Life 7 Chakra Semi-Precious Stone Necklace will get you back to your spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically healthy self.

The natural properties and composition of mined gemstones define the unique beauty of each piece. The Necklace give you balance to all Seven Chakras to enhance your focus in restoring your inner peace. This necklace also serves as the perfect gift for any yoga practitioner.


Types of Stone :

Chakra/Crown- Quartz crystal (clear)

Chakra/Brow - Amethyst (purple)

Chakra/Throat - Sodalite (blue)

Chakra/Heart - Aventurine (green)

Chakra/Solar Plexus - Citrine (yellow)

Chakra/Sacral - Carnelian (orange)

Chakra/Base - Red Jasper (red)


Chain length: 45 + 5 cm