Druzy Quartz Wrap Bracelet


✔️ Lovingly Handcrafted
✔️ Druzy Stone, Crystal and Howlite  
✔️ Promotes Relaxation
✔️ Absorbs Negative Energy  

A one-of-a-kind Wrap Bracelet features a combination of powerful healing stones! It is beautifully handmade with Druzy Stone, Natural Stones, Crystal, Howlite and Alloy beads. 

The combination of these natural stones makes for the ultimate healing, protective, balancing, calming, and uplifting bracelet that will make you feel like a Goddess.

Druzy Stone is great for promoting natural healing on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels. Wearing Druzy gemstones is believed to promote relaxation and stress relief. People use it to connect more easily with their own inherent healing powers. Druzy Quartz is also thought to help the immune and reproductive systems.

Crystals help restore trust and harmony in all different kinds of relationships while improving their close connections. It’s also claimed to help provide comfort and calm during times of grief.

Howlite absorbs negative energy and its calming qualities are thought to also help reduce insomnia as it relieves and unburdens an overactive mind. In terms of physical healing powers, it's said that howlite can help to balance calcium levels and strengthen its wearer's bones and teeth.

Materials: Druzy Stone, Natural Stones, Crystal, Howlite, and Alloy Beads 
Stainless Steel Clasp & Genuine Leather
Length: 32.5 inches with 3 adjustable closures
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Handmade with Love and Carefully Manufactured